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Recently I worked as the composer and Music Director for Chengdu Ice-Wing Film Media Co. Ltd. in China for an animated film, FUSHANG ISLAND,based on an ancient Chinese legend. I was responsible for all music and special effects.

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Ivar Lunde Jr. wrote Spirits of the Forest specifically for his friend Peter Phippen with whom he has worked as a sound engineer and producer for many of Phippen’s recordings. 
The composition is designed to take advantage of Phippen’s extraordinary improvisational skills. The work is sectionalized to allow for solo improvisations in between each section as well as in thinly orchestrated areas within the composition. In this recording the composer performs both the oboe and English horn parts as well as all the percussion parts. Spirits of the Forest was first performed by Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra (ECCO) in 2011 conducted by the composer.

The keyboard work Visjon is one of his earliest works. This is the first movement of two written as a teenager and now performed by himself publicly for the first time.

His most recent composition is the Serenade for Strings, Opus 141.  It is dedicated to his deceased parents Ivar and Karen Henninge Lunde, both great pianists and musicians. The work is a response to his mother’s passion for music of the Romantic era, wishing that her son could write music in a similar vain. “I should be able to use my skills to create a viable romantic work” he said. “After all, I am a romantic jokester.” He was particularly honored to have his friend cellist Tulio Rondón perform with the string orchestra in the Serenade’s fourth movement, Slow Dance?.

The Shanhai Legends 1 & 2  digital audio files  are available through CDBaby, iTunes and other distributors. Additional CDs are available commerce through different sources. Please check the CD section of this website for more information. Five Fairy Tales and My Green Anchovy have also been released and is available from the same sources. Earlier releases are available directly from Skyline Studios.